SWICA exhaust is Taiwans oldest exhaust factory, specializing in manufacturing three decades muffler. SWICA is a muffler, exhaust tubes, and their related parts of the professional factory, with complete mechanical equipment and molds, with titanium bending machine and laser cutting machine [Taiwan exhaust manufacturing the most advanced laser cutting machine ], and it has been focused on the ultra-running brand custom track exhaust system, and to Europe and other international famous brands of high-end OEM exhaust system, its OEM products sold around the world. SWICA Skoda 1.8 turbocharger has accumulated decades of expertise, the introduction SWica brand, currently SWica has the most professional design team and the most advanced manufacturing equipment, research and development personnel each have at least more than two decades of experience in the development and racing to adjust, not only exhaust system has an understanding, but also the latest technology and mechanical operation of high-performance sports car have a very thorough understanding. High-performance sports car E36 camber arms has a very complex and sophisticated high-tech technology, these vehicles need to be very strict modified pieces only enough to match. SWica development team spent years of time to understand the different models of the structure and in research and development of modified numerous times, each with a view of the exhaust pipe are in accordance with the characteristics of the vehicle engine itself crafted. SWICA also has stainless steel and titanium alloy manufacturing technology, equipped with electronic variable audio control systems STI Coilovers, low-speed torque increase, high speed smooth adjustment of the valve opening and closing by the electronic controller to control exhaust noise. We developed a super-exhaust system, providing the perfect products for our customers.